Technical To-do List

  • As an experiment, I will try using the present thread to list tasks that the technical "team" should do or might want to consider doing at some time.

  • Thu Dec 31 19:14:05 UTC 2020

    • Approximate one of the proposed looks in an active prototype.
    • Redirects.
    • The current program for backups probably doesn't include uploaded images. Repair that defect.
    • Back up TLS keys
    • Archive -- search.
    • Archive -- ability to follow back-references from quotations.
    • Archive -- breadcrumbs.
    • Check that mail to "postmaster" comes to Jack.
    • Arrange auto renewal of TLS cert (it expires every 3 mo.).
    • Arrange auto restart of the database server and the website applications, to happen whenever the system is rebooted (sometimes the Linode firm will stop a system for maintenance and then reboot it).
    • Firewall off all ports except those we need to allow (in both IP versions).
    • See whether, besides the firewall, any other steps would help secure the databases.
    • On the domain registrar, add the rest of the name servers.

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