Kind of similar to what I was doing in Codepen, for instance here: Mine looked like this (when there is only one of a particular vote combination, there is no number and colon on the left needed): 134: a[5] b[4] c[2] d[1] e[0] f[0] 64: a[5] b[4] c[3] d[1] e[0] f[0] 94: a[3] b[5] c[4] d[1] e[0] f[0] 70: a[2] b[2] c[5] d[2] e[0] f[0] 63: a[0] b[0] c[0] d[3] e[4] f[5] 55: a[0] b[0] c[1] d[3] e[5] f[4] 55: a[0] b[1] c[2] d[3] e[5] f[3] 48: a[0] b[0] c[1] d[3] e[5] f[5] 30: a[1] b[0] c[0] d[3] e[3] f[5] 30: a[0] b[1] c[2] d[5] e[5] f[4] You can see I have a parser and all that. This one worked with the format of data from an actual election in Maine, which is an ugly and bulky csv format: I was doing this when I was hoping that Codepen embedding would be added to this forum, not sure if that is in the works. But I think if it was, having a standard format would gain a lot of traction here.