Independence of Eliminated Alternatives (?)

  • Is there such a thing as "independence of eliminated alternatives"?

    The term came up in a rejection letter, and while I think the editor meant irrelevant instead of eliminated, I figured it would be a good idea to make sure I haven't missed some significant voting theory criteria. If anyone has come across this term I would appreciate a reference. Thanks.


  • I would have to know more about the context, but if it came up in the context of voting methods, it sounds like it might be assuming a runoff procedure, such as the one that IRV has. IRV might be construed as passing "Independence of Eliminated Alternatives" since when it eliminates candidates it essentially deletes them from rankings for the purpose of future counts. But of course it does not pass Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives.

  • @Marylander: The submitted paper was describing a new collective choice procedure that can be thought of as a vote-moderated discussion, so yes, it would have been in the context of voting methods.

    Given that a week has gone by with no one supplying a reference for "independence of eliminated alternatives", I'm just going to proceed as if the editor meant Arrow's IIA.

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