Setting Priorities for the Forum Project

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  • @cfrank, in case I should be able soon, to poke my head up from my other personal priorities and do some work on the voting-theory forum, what is your opinion on what should be the top priority for the technical side of the work related to the present forum? Putting into effect Sara's beautiful yellow-and-black visual design for the home page (cosmetics), or publishing the privacy policy and terms of use so I can invite the public to hop into this forum?

    For that matter, what is your opinion on the complete list of items that we, the members of the forum council, have to accomplish before we should invite the public in?

    What do you think about recruiting more people to join the council?

  • Hi Jack, apologies for a late reply here, I believe I responded to you via email. I mentioned a little bit ago that I was concerned about notifications on the site, I don't know how we can address that except it appears that there was something I was missing. Notifications appear to be an "opt in" situation, for example I just changed my status on this topic to "Watching," so hopefully I will get a notification when you or anybody else replies.

    I personally think it would be better for notifications to be a more passive, opt-out situation, because I think the site should be as conducive as possible to keeping the public conversations and posts easily available to the whole community, especially more recent updates to discussions. I also think I was just not used to the new format of this site compared to the old forum and I think it probably works great. We will have to see it in action once it goes public.

    In my opinion though, the site appears to be virtually complete. The privacy policy and terms of use would be more urgent so that we can get the forum public. I also think inviting more people to the council is a good idea, since many of us will probably go through phases of being busier than usual and we want the train to keep rolling.

    Also, can I be made an administrator/moderator?

  • Let's just make all the Council members admin/moderators.

    Connor, I'm not clear on what you're suggesting for default notification settings? On? Off? I did some reading up and it looks like some places have laws that people have to explicitly opt in for all emails, and I think that's maybe why we can't find default settings to change that.

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